Teachers Access Gateway

Teachers Access Gateway is for when you need teachers to access your SIMS administration system from the classroom e.g. registration. This can be for teacher laptop, iPad or other device to access it. This solution is tailorable to your specific school requirements and can be configured to allow access to SIMS or documents externally.

Minecraft for Education

Most schoolchildren have seen or played in the world of Minecraft. It is an environment which can be used for collaborative learning through play. It is engaging and highly configurable for many learning experiences. Minecraft in education is a PC only version which has specific teacher tools to build and control the environments. To learn more http://education.minecraft.net/#!/ IT Services for Schools can provide solutions on your RM CC4 network or as a server in your school.

C net

IT Services for Schools has developed a full curriculum network solution called C net to provide schools with a simple, cost effective curriculum network. It is not designed to compete with a fully developed solution like RM CC4 which has specific tools and management features. IT Services for Schools has developed a stable and reliable solution using the Microsoft server platform which will support the current operating systems. Your quotation for C net will contain the equipment and licensing recommendations to install it. On going C net licence and support is part of your IT Services for Schools computer support subscription.

Evolution Filtering

The Evolution Web Filters are designed to safeguard school children from inappropriate content on the Internet. Using the latest technology available the internet is filtered into categories that can be switched on or off to suit your school e-safety policy. Different configurations can be made for staff and learners and your IT Services for Schools technician can assist you in setting this up. Central Evolution web filters come as standard with the Internet and security or IT S.O.S agreements. For schools with alternative internet services a quote for a IT Services for Schools filter can be installed in school instead.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a way of permitting personally owned mobile devices to connect to your school network. It can also be used to manage your network traffic more effectively e.g. if you have lots of ipads on the wireless network. IT Services for Schools BYOD solution protects and secures your network from unauthorised access while permitting Internet access for other devices. Your quotation for BYOD will be tailored to your specific school needs and amount of devices you need to support.